posted May 22nd, 2017, 7:40 am

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May 22nd, 2017, 7:40 am



Hey everyone! Sorry for missing the rest of last week! Was out of town and didn't have time for updates, but I am back!

Here we can see Nate reflecting on his thoughts of everything that has happened that night. Will he get all his questions answered tomorrow?!

Totally just realized I'll be hitting page 150 this week! Can't believe how far I've come in these past 6 months.

See you guys on Wednesday!

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August 21st, 2017, 6:48 pm


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May 22nd, 2017, 8:31 am



Nate's in for a rude awakening about his dad soon and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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May 22nd, 2017, 1:15 pm



Too much theorizing! Nate's gonna hurt his brain!

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